ACE & M Lift Trucks and Machines

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Company NameACE & M Lift Trucks and Machines
IndustrySmall Business
LocationSharjah, UAE
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV trucks prove they meet the handling needs of small business owners in the UAE

ACE & M Lift Trucks is a newly founded company, which offers forklift sales, maintenance, leasing and parts services to third party operations.

The company currently has a total of 5 forklifts in the fleet, two of which are UTILEV UT30P Diesel trucks - Both of these UTILEV units are currently on lease for a term of one year to the Arabian Can Industry company, located in the Jebel Ali Industrial Zone, Dubai. This company manufactures tins for foodstuffs, such as tuna.

The trucks and are used to move the raw materials around the plant and also to load the finished goods (empty cans) onto 40’ trailers for delivery to food producers. The maximum load carried is approximately 800kg.

The trucks are used throughout the day, which is a 10-12 hour operation over 2 shifts, but not constantly. The trucks both have registered around 500 operating hours, after 3 months of operation - In fact, Mr Venugopal, General Manager of ACE & M said “Arabian Can Industry is experiencing increased demand, so we are looking to add a third UTILEV truck to the operation.”

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