Adeoti SARL

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Company NameAdeoti SARL
IndustryConstruction & Road Building
LocationAllada, Benin, West Africa
Truck SpecificationUT35P 3.5t Diesel

UTILEV truck contributes to the
development of Benin’s road network

Adeoti SARL was originally founded in 1992, but in effect, activities began in July 1993. The company is involved with road construction, road surfacing and the crushing and preparation of granite from the Seto and Dan quarries. Adeoti SARL has become a leader in the field of road construction but faces competition from a number of multinationals, which are also active in the local market.

Adeoti has a central workshop facility based in Allada, where it carries out a wide range of activities, in support of the business, including: servicing the heavy goods vehicles, light commercial vehicles and other small equipment as well as the repair and maintenance of the vehicles including : sheet metal working, welding, painting, tyre replacement and washing.

The company purchased a UTILEV UT35P, 3.5t capacity diesel-powered forklift in January 2013 for use on the workshop site to handle drums of engine oil and truck engines as well as generators and trailer panels.

The UTILEV truck is the first forklift the company has purchased, and before its arrival, the mechanics were faced with huge difficulties when they were required to move these materials around the workshop. This is because they only had access to cranes and loaders, which are both expensive and bulky solutions for such simple handling operations.

As a result the UTILEV truck has helped to not only significantly reduce the operating costs of the workshop, but also increase its efficiency, thanks to the reduced time and physical effort required to complete these tasks.

The operator is fully satisfied with the ease of use of the truck and the ergonomics of the driving position.

In addition, the assistant foreman was impressed by both the ease of maintenance and especially by the reliability of the truck after a year of use.

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