Archie Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

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Company NameArchie Engineering (Pty) Ltd.
LocationGermiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Truck SpecificationUT25P 2.5t Diesel

UTILEV satisfies the handling requirements of an expanding manufacturing business

Archie Engineering (Pty) Ltd. provides high quality products and services to customers throughout the world and is one of only three companies in South Africa, which are accredited to manufacture Safety Critical Equipment and OEM's for the Mining Industry. In this operating environment, the quality and reliability of the product has to be flawless!

The Customer

The company started as a specialist manufacturer of Safety Critical Equipment and subsequently expanded its product and service range to incorporate other specialised mining equipment and precision engineering services.

The workshop is fully equipped with the latest in technology and machinery, including CNC Turning and Milling Machines, Vertical and Horizontal Boring Mills and Conventional Turning and Milling Machines.

CS_Archie-Quote.jpgIn recent years, the company has tripled its output, while still maintaining the same staffing level of 57 people, and has therefore strived to maximise the efficiency of the operation.

The Handling Requirements

Until recently, the site only had one forklift truck in operation, but due to the expansion of the business and its operations a second machine was required.

BHBW made a proposal for a UT25P 2.5t Diesel truck, on a monthly maintenance contract, which Archie Engineering decided to purchase. Being the newest truck on site it is affectionately known as “Ntombazana”, which means “Young Girl” in Zulu.

CS_Archie-2.jpgThe truck is used throughout the day, for short periods of time, to move raw materials around the factory and also to transfer completed products to the shipping area and load them on trailers. The truck has completed 194 hours in 6 weeks (to mid November 2012), in an operation that runs 6½ days a week.


Cindy Hoffman, the Support Services Manager at Archie Engineering, confirmed that the truck represented excellent value for money – not only is it much more economical to run than other trucks they have used at the facility in the past (both in terms of the acquisition cost and daily operating costs) but it also seems to be easier to operate and live with – It is more powerful and easy to handle and is very reliable. Daily checks are carried out rigorously and there have been no technical issues to report.

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