Dennegeur Farm

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Company NameDennegeur Farm
LocationGrabouw, Western Cape, South Africa
Truck Specification6 x UT25P 2.5t Dual Fuel

Dennegeur fruit on the move thanks to UTILEV trucks

Western Cape fruit grower and exporter Dennegeur is known for the outstanding quality of its apples and pears. To help ensure that fruit is handled efficiently and economically, with the minimum of damage and waste, owner Josias Beukes has invested over the past year in a fleet of six UTILEV forklifts from BHBW.

The Customer

Dennegeur is a family business, consisting of six farms in the Grabouw area. Apple orchards alone comprise 170 hectares, requiring high levels of efficiency and reliability in all areas of operations.

The fleet of UTILEV trucks is primarily used in the pack houses and cold storage facilities, to be found at various locations around the farms.

The fruit is packaged and then moved by forklift into cold room storage for preservation. When required, the forklifts then transfer the full packing crates from the cold rooms onto refrigerated containers, for transport for export and sale.

“UTILEV trucks are reliable machines, delivering outstanding performance and uninterrupted productivity, which is of key importance in our business,” says Josias Beukes. “We are also able to rely on excellent service support and back up from BHBW. If something does go wrong, a technician is immediately despatched and the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently.”

BHBW delivered the first 2.5 tonne UTILEV truck to Dennegeur in 2012. Based on the performance, ease of use and reliability of this forklift, 5 more trucks have since been added to the fleet.

The Trucks

Dual Fuel trucks were selected, to enable them to run on the cleaner LPG fuel, as the trucks would be always be operating in close proximity to food products.

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