Dubai Adhesive Material Factory LLC

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Company NameDubai Adhesive Material Factory LLC
IndustrySmall Business
LocationSharjah, UAE
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV trucks prove they meet the handling needs of small business owners in the UAE

A UTILEV UT30P Diesel truck is used at this small manufacturing operation, which makes a waterproofing additive.

The truck is only used outside, to unload the raw materials from incoming deliveries and to load the finished product on to customer vehicles, when sold - the product is sold directly to customers.

The maximum load being handled is 720kg for incoming raw materials and 1280kg for outgoing pallets of the finished product. The truck has been in operation for almost 1 year and has registered 1150 hours.

The truck is used on and off throughout the hours of operation of the business (10-12 hours a day).

Mr Mohammed Yusuf: Phansupkar, Managing Director stated, “We are very satisfied with both the reliability and capability of the truck.”

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