Evergreen Steel Fabrication LLC

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Company NameEvergreen Steel Fabrication LLC
IndustrySmall Business
LocationSharjah, UAE
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV trucks prove they meet the handling needs of small business owners in the UAE

Evergreen is a small steel fabrication operation, which has been in business for five years, and is located in the Sharjah Industrial Area.

The company’s principal activity is the manual welding of steel structures, and the UT30P Diesel forklift truck is used to unload the raw materials and transport them around the site, as well as handling the finished product - The maximum load that is lifted is 1 tonne.

The UTILEV truck is the first forklift that the company has owned - the truck is used infrequently in the operation, and previously, a forklift truck was rented, whenever there were any materials handling requirements.

As well as being used at the company location, the truck is also used at customers’ sites - for example, it is currently in operation at a building project, where an oil refinery and storage warehouse is being constructed by Evergreen - The truck is being used to transport the steel components around the site to the point of construction.

The company is very satisfied with the truck - it has been in operation for 4 months and has registered 262 hours.

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