Flowline Mechanical Engineering

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Company NameFlowline Mechanical Engineering
IndustryMechanical Engineering
LocationAjman, UAE
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV demonstrates its capability in an Engineering operation

Flowline Mechanical Engineering (FME) was established in 2005 with the vision to provide complete mechanical engineering solutions to medium and large industries in the U.A.E and across the Gulf region. Since the company was established, it has grown from a consultancy firm, through to offering equipment maintenance services, to a solution provider in the mechanical fabrication and machining industry, manufacturing special purpose machines and structures to a wide range of customers.

The Customer

FME provides a complete solution to its customers, across a wide range of industries, including construction, marine and petrochemical. The company caters to any requirements in stainless steel, mild steel (structure & piping), aluminium fabrication, mass production of steel parts, sheet metal products, machining, metal plating and powder coating. As part of the solution offered, FME provides design and auto CAD services, procurement of materials, fabrication, machining, surface preparation & finishing as well as final installation at the customer location.

The Handling Requirements

FME operates two sites - one located in Sharjah and one located in Ajman - and employs 150 skilled and unskilled personnel.

The company uses forklift trucks to transfer raw materials as well as completed products around the sites. Previously, the company had one 5.5t Hyster machine, which was operating at the smaller Ajman site. When the company expanded and the new site was opened in Sharjah in 2012, a second forklift truck was required.

Initially, FME was looking for a used machine, as they did not believe that they could afford a new truck that would be capable of doing the work required. Furthermore the truck needed to be simple to operate and maintain, not only to ensure that the operator was comfortable with driving the truck, but also to keep the overall cost of operating the equipment down.

The Truck

Kanoo Machinery presented an offer of a UTILEV UT30P 3.0t Diesel. The customer was impressed with the trucks operational capability and the purchase was made. The UTILEV truck has been in operation for 4 months (to November 2012) – the first two months at the Ajman location and currently at the Sharjah location, where it is used for moving lighter raw materials and finished products around the site and onto trailers for transport – heavier materials are moved by the onsite crane.


In total, the truck has been operating for 610 hours, at an average of 4 hours per day, with the daily checks completed as scheduled. FME has experienced no issues to date and is impressed with the robustness and reliability of the truck and its ability to carry out the work at hand efficiently. The first service was provided by Kanoo Machinery, as part of the sale, and the customer is confident that he has made the right purchase, thanks to the efficient support provided by Kanoo and by the fact that they are always on hand to provide assistance when required.

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