Hugo Dietsche AG

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Company NameHugo Dietsche AG
LocationGermiston, Gauteng, South Africa
Truck SpecificationUT25P 2.5t Diesel

UTILEV Trucks build solutions for the construction industry

Hugo Dietsche AG has over 60 years’ experience in conducting and managing a wide range of construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects, including surveying, road construction, installing utilities (water, gas, electric, communications), installing drainage and sewer systems, carrying out road upgrades and resurfacing projects and landscaping, as well as private construction schemes.

The company works closely with government planners and its customers to ensure a reliable and high quality solution, using the most up to date and innovative techniques and the latest equipment and machinery.

The Customer

With headquarters located in Kriessern, in the east of Switzerland, and two further branch offices in Ruthi and Haag, Hugo Dietsche AG has developed an excellent reputation across the region for its ability to complete major, complex projects to a high standard, such as the recently completed upgrade to the A3 & A13 motorways in Sarganserland in the eastern part of the country.

Its professional and qualified team of 70 employees has the technical knowledge to offer solutions for a wide range of landscaping, road-building and construction projects. The company is ISO 9001 and SWISO certified for all areas of its activity.

The Handling Requirements

The company uses a forklift truck and a side loader in its depot for general materials handling activities, such as loading and unloading construction materials and small items of machinery - The forklift truck which was previously in use required replacing.

The Truck

The dealer confirmed that the application was light duty, and that the forklift truck was only used intermittently during the day, concluding that a UTILEV truck was ideal for the operation. Due to the size of some of the materials being handled, it was determined that a 3.5t truck would be most suitable for the customer.

The truck was delivered on 1st July 2013 and has been in regular operation since, for approximately one to two hours per day. Mr Daniel Dietsche, the workshop manager, confirmed that the UTILEV truck is simple to use as it is comfortable to drive, easy to manoeuvre, and all of the controls are well placed. Furthermore, the truck is easy to maintain, particularly because all of the components are easily accessible and most importantly, the truck meets all of the company’s materials handling requirements.

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