Priya Plastic Bags Manufacturing LLC

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Company NamePriya Plastic Bags Manufacturing LLC
IndustrySmall Business
LocationAjman, UAE
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV trucks prove they meet the handling needs of small business owners in the UAE

This is a new company, which manufactures plastic bags for shopping and plastic sacks for foodstuffs (e.g. flour) for sales across the UAE and into some African markets -There are two separate operations for the plastic bag and sack manufacturing.

A UTILEV UT30P Diesel-powered truck is used to unload raw materials, which are delivered to the site and to load the finished goods for export. The truck has been in operation for two months, and has registered 80 hours.

The raw materials are delivered once a month on pallets and the finished goods are picked up daily. The loads handled are from 500-600kg up to a maximum of 1200kg.

The customer is very satisfied with the performance of the truck to date.

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