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Company NameSOPERKA (Société PEREIRO & KANDJI)
LocationDakar, Senegal, West Africa
Truck SpecificationUT30P 3.0t Diesel

UTILEV truck lands a big catch in Senegal

SOPERKA operates a fleet of ships out of Dakar Port and has recently acquired a warehouse for the storage of dry goods plus a plot of land, on which it plans to build a cold storage unit.

The company has been operating a UTILEV UT30P Diesel engine truck since January 2013. This forklift truck has a lifting capacity of 3 tonnes and is mainly used for the loading and unloading of ships’ equipment on and off board, (for example nets, boxes, pallets and food for the crew). The truck is also sometimes used to load and unload containers or to handle various materials, required for the maintenance and repair of the ships.

SOPERKA made the decision to purchase a new truck, because the equipment already in service, (which was vital to the day to day activities of the business), was becoming very old and unreliable to operate - The company was regularly experiencing high, unpredictable and repetitive servicing costs due to unscheduled downtime and maintenance requirements. Furthermore they had to incur additional charges associated with having to rent replacement materials handling equipment during the periods when the truck was out of service.

However, the company was not prepared to make a big investment in a new forklift truck, given the limited time during the day that the truck is usually in operation - this is an average of 5 hours a day during the periods when ships are docking or maintenance must be performed on board.

A UTILEV forklift, therefore, was the ideal solution. The truck has basic technology, without electronics and is, as a result, simple to use and easy to maintain. This means that running and maintenance costs are low and the truck is very affordable to operate and own.

Marcos, the Maintenance Manager said “The truck is very easy to maintain, and all the components are easily accessible. Furthermore, it has been very reliable, and no issues have been reported in the 18 months it has been operating, which is excellent, when you consider where it is working, as a marine environment can be harsh”.

Furthermore, the UTILEV UT30P was purchased from an experienced local dealer, SAUDEQUIP in Dakar, who were able to offer the level of service and support required at an attractive price, including maintenance, warranty and the fast availability of replacement parts.

To date, SOPERKA is very happy with both the operation of the truck and the running costs - Ousseynou Ndiaye (Administration & Finance Manager) said “It is perfect for our needs and was a good investment” and the forklift driver, Cheikh Mbacké stated “ The truck is very comfortable - you can easily see where you are working from the driver’s seat - plus it is a great improvement over the truck we used to have!”

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