ZVVZ Machinery a.s.

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Company NameZVVZ Machinery a.s.
LocationMilevsko, Czech Republic
Truck SpecificationUT18P Diesel & UT35P Diesel

UTILEV responds to the need for lighter duty trucks in a specialist Manufacturing Operation

ZVVZ was founded in 1948 and soon became the largest manufacturer of ventilation equipment in Czechoslovakia. Today all manufacturing activities are managed under the subsidiary ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s.

The Customer

The company is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14 001:2004 certified, and uses modern technological equipment, employing specialist designers and engineers to design and manufacture equipment according to precise customer requirements, using carbon, stainless steel and aluminium.

Products include a wide range of fans, including for ventilation in power stations, mines, tunnels and metro systems, in addition to wind-tunnels for aerodynamics, smoke flues and ducts. The company also manufactures air-conditioning systems, piping and silencers for ventilation and airconditioning plus pressure tanks, storage tanks, semi-trailers and ISO containers.

The Handling Requirements

Due to the large size of the site and varied activities which take place, the company currently runs a large fleet of materials handling equipment, operating in a range of environments and applications. Therefore, the trucks operate for varying lengths of time and to varying degrees of intensity, according to the section of the factory they are based in.

The customer already has a number of premium trucks in operation from the local dealer, Yale CZ, and was interested in purchasing two additional units – one to operate in the production hall, where filters are made and the other to operate in the parts store.

The Truck

The dealer identified that both applications were light duty, with low operating hours, and therefore proposed that the customer purchase UTILEV trucks – A UT35P 3.5t Diesel to support the production line and a UT18P 1.8t Diesel for the parts store.

UTILEV customers in the Czech Republic are able to take advantage of Yale CZ’s extensive service network, which supports customers who operate either the premium or light duty range of equipment offered by the dealer.

The excellent support provided by the dealer, in terms of the servicing and maintenance of the Yale trucks which were already in operation at ZVVZ, was a key factor when the company made the decision to purchase UTILEV trucks - ZVVZ already had a very good and longstanding relationship with the dealer's local service technician, who is based only a few kilometres from the factory in the nearby town of Tábor.

The UT35P is located in the filter production building and is used intermittently to transfer raw materials onto the production line and remove and store the finished goods. The truck has been in operation for 3 months and the driver is extremely happy with the truck – it is comfortable to drive, does the job it is required to do and is reliable - and he has reported no issues.

The UT18P is fitted with a factory cabin, and is used both indoors and outdoors to transfer parts and raw materials from the inventory store to the various production lines. The driver is satisfied with the truck – it is versatile and easy to manoeuvre, which is very important as he is often operating in confined spaces.

Mr Miroslav Kolář, The Production & Technical Manager for the Painting & Shipping Departments stated that they are very pleased with both trucks, so much so that they are planning to buy another truck!

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