Operator Compartment
A wide, low-mounted, non-slip step plus large grab handles allow the driver to get on and off the truck easily and the standard seat offers superior comfort and lumbar support. The wide mast, low cowl and high seating position give the operator an excellent view of the forks, and of the operating environment, reducing the risk of load damage or collisions.
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Drive Train
Both axles are designed for durability and longevity. The compact drive axle features an AC Technology brushless drive motor, readily accessible from either the front or above, minimising servicing time.
The standard drum brakes, together with regenerative braking, offer excellent stopping capability. The truck also features an automotive style parking brake, located on the cowl.
Frame & Counterweight
The steel frame is extremely durable for a long life. The hydraulic and drive motor components are protected against the ingress of dirt and water. Easy access to the controllers (located in the counterweight) helps to minimise service time.
Wheels and Steering
The on-demand hydraulic power steering delivers superbmanoeuvrability and low energy consumption. The low steeringforce required further enhances operator comfort.The wheels feature a conventional rim assembly with superelastic tyres.
AC Technology features brushless motors that are protected against the ingress of dirt and water, which minimises damage and servicing costs. Roll-back is almost eliminated and higher travel speeds are attainable.
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The dash display includes performance parameter and fault code information, hour meter, battery level indicator and drive wheel alignment indicator. The small diameter steering wheel features light, precise steering and is tilt adjustable for optimum comfort. The manual hydraulic controls are cowl mounted within easy reach.
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Front End
The range of rigid Class II and III 2-stage LFL and 3-stage FFL masts feature heavy, tensile steel sections and large diameter rollers, and are compatible with factory fitted carriages, forks, integral sideshift and integral sideshift with fork positioner.
High quality cylinders and hard chrome rods reduce seal wear, for long life and minimum fluid contamination. To keep the oil clean, there is a low pressure filter on the return line, which helps to minimise wear. This keeps the control valve in good condition, leading to low service costs.