UTILEV electric trucks are available from 1.5 to 3.5t capacity and all have a CE mark.  Both 3 and 4 wheel variants are offered.  These trucks are simple to use and affordable to own.  They are ideal for light to medium duty applications, particularly in warehouse environments.

They are simple to maintain and can be serviced by an in house technician, alternatively your local UTILEV dealer can maintain the truck for you if this suits your requirements better.

These trucks are not only easy to drive but are comfortable for the operator with good all round visibility and a spacious operator compartment.

A range of masts and carriages are available including integral sideshift making a great general purpose truck for the small to medium enterprise.

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    The UTILEV® range of forklift trucks is backed by a network of independent, experienced dealers, who offer a wide range of support services to their customers