UTILEV forklift trucks have been designed to be easy to service and maintain, with a focus on minimising both downtime and service costs.

Utilev - Forklift Service and MaintanenceFast, Efficient Servicing
Clever design elements, such as an easily removable two-piece floor plate or the quick release bonnet, plus the fact that regular service items have been placed in easily accessible locations, all help to ensure that UTILEV forklift trucks can be serviced quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

Easy to Maintain
Thanks to the simple specification, any experienced mechanic will be able to service the forklift truck; including the powertrain, quickly and easily and first time fix rates will be high.

Comprehensive Technical Support
Furthermore, technical support is always on-hand from an authorised dealer for UTILEV forklift trucks, should it be required. The standard service interval is 500 hours and the trucks have a standard warranty of 2000hrs / 12 months.